invisalign FOR TEENS

For teenagers, Image is everything… Invisalign teen has been designed with teenagers in mind, so if fixed appliances really aren’t for you, Invisalign teen can offer you secret treatment, so school and friends need never know, its the clear way to straight teeth. 

With compliance Indicators that change colour, you can always be assured your Teen is wearing them correctly and with Virtual 3D planning, we can tell you how long treatment will take and you can see the end results before your treatment even starts… it’s the secret way to straighter teeth.

If you are a teenager or parent of a teen who needs braces, then Invisalign Teen could be your ideal solution. Teenagers want to play sports, learn a musical instrument, hang out with their friends and appear in photos and selfies without a mouthful of metal wires and brackets.

Invisalign Teen offers an alternative to traditional braces that is proven to be just as effective for treating mild to severe cases.

Where Invisalign Teen is different (and loved by teens throughout the world) is that it uses a series of nearly invisible custom-made aligners worn over the top of the teeth to gradually, day by day, week by week move them into the correct position. Your teen will simply need to change the aligners every two weeks.

What's more, Invisalign Teen is removable, which means your son or daughter can eat and drink whatever they like, and brush and floss their teeth as usual.

Show off your SMILE and not your BRACE!

Invisalign Teen

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Invisalign FAQs

How does Invisalign Teen work?

Invisalign Teen straightens your teen's teeth using a series of nearly invisible custom-made aligners. Every two weeks, we will give your child a new aligner to gradually move their teeth towards their final position.

What do you mean by 'nearly invisible' aligners?

Invisalign Teen aligners are made from strong medical grade thermoplastic material that is almost invisible to onlookers. This clear material means that your son or daughter can go to school and carry on with their everyday life without their friends even realising that they are wearing an orthodontic device.

How are Invisalign Teen aligners customised?

We take impressions of your teen's teeth using special impression trays and material. These impressions are then used to create a virtual treatment plan and digital model of your son or daughter's teeth. We use the Invisalign's ClinCheck® software to carefully plan out the movement of your child's teeth in stages, from their start position to their final position. This will give you an idea of how your teen's smile should look by the end of their treatment.

Once we have approved this final position and everyone is happy with the predicted outcome, we will make the custom-made aligners for your child; these follow the various stages of the treatment plan to gently move the teeth to their final position.

Can my teen remove their Invisalign Teen aligner? Won't this stop it working?

Yes, your teen will be able to remove their Invisalign Teen aligners when they need to. We think this is a really important feature. Because the Invisalign Teen is removable, your son or daughter can continue to eat and drink whatever they like, whereas with traditional braces, they might be unable to eat things like apples, nuts and raw carrots.

Invisalign Teen aligners can also be taken out for cleaning purposes. This means your teen can brush and floss their teeth as usual, maintaining a high standard of oral health, and keeping the aligners clean.

Teens tend to be involved in lots of extracurricular activities. The great news is that your son or daughter can remove their aligner for music lessons (it's much easier to play a woodwind instrument, for example, without the obstruction of a brace) or when they're out on the sports field, thereby negating the risk of injury from wire braces if a ball hits them in the face while they're playing.

We understand that you might be worried that your teen won't wear their aligner enough for it to be effective, which is why we've added a blue 'wear' indicator to every aligner. If your son or daughter isn't wearing their Invisalign Teen aligners enough, we'll know at a glance.

As the Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, what happens if they lose their aligner?

We won't lie – occasionally, teens do lose their aligners, although we find it helps to stress the importance of wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours a day for the best results, which means there's less opportunity for the aligners to go AWOL.

Still, we and Invisalign understand that teens live busy lives and sometimes aligners do go missing, which is why Invisalign will provide up to six replacement aligners free of charge during the course of your child's treatment.

Can my teen eat whatever they want during their treatment with Invisalign?

Yes. As we've mentioned above, there are no food or drink restrictions with Invisalign Teen. Your son or daughter will simply need to remove their aligner at mealtimes or to eat their favourite snacks as usual.

It's important that they continue brushing and flossing their teeth after each meal and before they reinsert their aligners to maintain their oral health.

How comfortable are Invisalign Teen aligners when compared to wire braces?

Invisalign Teen aligners provide a really high level of comfort because they don't have separate wires or brackets that could potentially irritate the soft tissues of your teen's mouth and gums. As each aligner is custom made for your teen, it will fit comfortably without risk of dropping out or moving as your child speaks.

Will Invisalign Teen aligners affect my child's speech?

Thanks to the custom fit of Invisalign Teen aligners, it's very rare for wearers to experience any disruption to their speech. Your son or daughter may find that it takes a day or two to get used to having the aligners in their mouth but the vast majority of teens report no effect on speech at all.

My teen loves to chew gum – is this OK while wearing aligners?

We would advise against having chewing gum while wearing Invisalign Teen aligners because it might stick to them. Your child should remove their aligners whenever they eat. If they must chew gum, remind them that it shouldn't be for a prolonged period and that they should brush their teeth before putting the aligner back in.

Are Invisalign Teen aligners easy to maintain and keep clean?

Absolutely. Your teen will need to wear each aligner for approximately two weeks. The best way for them to keep their aligners clean is to brush them as we advise and rinse them in lukewarm water. We will also give your teen special cleaning tablets to use. They will need to brush their teeth after meals or before reinserting their aligner to protect their oral health.

How soon should my teen start to see improvements to their smile?

As Invisalign Teen aligners are completely clear, your child should begin to notice improvements to the alignment of their teeth within a few months. This movement isn't always as obvious with traditional braces because the teeth are obscured by the brace wires and brackets.

Will my teen find Invisalign Teen treatment painful?

Many patients report some minor discomfort each time they change to a new aligner but this can be managed effectively with over-the-counter painkillers and usually wears off after a couple of days. In most cases, teens are surprised at how comfortable the aligners are to wear and describe the discomfort as a feeling of pressure rather than pain.

Q.Are there any emotional issues I need to consider for my teen?

A survey by Hall & Partners back in 2008 found that as parents we often underestimate the extent to which teenagers not only feel self-conscious about crooked teeth but also wearing braces. In fact, many teens reported that wearing braces made them feel worse about themselves.

Teens are so positive about Invisalign Teen because no-one needs to know they're having treatment. This removes a major source of anxiety at a time when your son or daughter is finding their feet and self-confidence as an individual.

Can anyone have Invisalign Teen aligners?

Invisalign Teen aligners have been especially designed for use by teenagers who mouths may still be growing and changing. We also offer Invisalign, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Lite aligners for adults. Invisalign Teen aligners can be used to treat a wide range of straightening issues, from minor tooth movements to more complex cases. Invisalign Teen may not be suitable for every case but we will always be honest in our assessment of your child's best treatment options.

Can Invisalign Teen be used to treat overbites?

Yes. In most cases, Invisalign Teen offers an effective treatment choice for overbites. We would need to see your son or daughter to assess their individual case before we can determine whether Invisalign Teen is a suitable option.

Can Invisalign Teen close the gaps between widely spaced teeth?

Yes, Invisalign Teen offers an effective treatment option for closing gaps in most cases. Again, we would need to assess your teen's individual case to determine whether Invisalign Teen would be right for them.

My teen has a dental bridge – can they still wear Invisalign Teen aligners?

A bridge that links two or more teeth together can offer significant resistance to tooth movement. If your child has a bridge, we can discuss this during their initial consultation and explore whether this would be a factor in their treatment.

My teen has a crown – could this affect their Invisalign Teen treatment?

Generally speaking, having a crown will not impact on your child's Invisalign Teen treatment. Occasionally, we may need to bond small tooth-coloured composites called 'attachments' to their teeth to help achieve certain movements, and it can be difficult to get the attachments to bond to a crown. In this situation, we would carefully assess the position of your teen's crown before advising on their treatment options.

My teen has TMJ – will that affect their Invisalign Teen treatment?

If your teen has TMJ, you will know that it refers to the temporomandibular (jaw) joint. Some orthodontic devices and treatments can aggravate the problem, while others can improve it. We would need to assess your son or daughter's individual case before we could offer accurate advice.

How often will my teen have to attend appointments about their Invisalign Teen aligners?

Another benefit of Invisalign Teen is that your son or daughter will only need to attend occasional check-ups every four to six weeks so that we can monitor the progress of their treatment. Appointment times tend to be quite short in comparison to those for traditional wire braces because the Invisalign Teen aligners don't need the adjustments necessary for traditional braces.

We will give your teen several sets of aligners to ensure that they are able to switch to the next set as agreed between check-ups.

We offer early morning and after school appointments so that your teen's orthodontic treatment causes minimal disruption to their everyday lives.

How long will my son or daughter's Invisalign Teen treatment take?

The length of treatment with Invisalign Teen varies from one person to another and will depend on the complexity of your son or daughter's case. Your teen should wear their aligners consistently for 20 to 22 hours a day every day to get the best results.

Invisalign Teen treatment is generally comparable to traditional braces and can last between nine to eighteen months.

How is Invisalign Teen different to other orthodontic treatments?

Invisalign Teen compares favourably with more traditional brace systems because it has no wires or brackets and is almost invisible to the casual onlooker. This is appealing to most teens who feel incredibly self-conscious about having their teeth straightened.

As your teen can remove their Invisalign Teen aligners, it means they can eat and drink whatever they like during their treatment. They can also maintain good oral hygiene and take their aligners out for big events, photographs or even for a music lesson or sporting event at school.

Invisalign Teen is so popular because it lets teenagers be teenagers and carry on their lives as usual.

Q.My teen is currently wearing a brace but would like to switch to Invisalign Teen? Is that possible?

Some patients are treated with a combination of braces and Invisalign Teen. We would need to assess your child's individual case to determine their best course of treatment.

What is a retainer and will my teen have to wear one after their treatment?

Research and experience show that teeth that have been moved by orthodontic treatment will not stay in their final position without the help of a retainer. A retainer is very similar to an aligner and is made of the same lightweight, clear material. In fact, your son or daughter may even be advised to wear their final aligner as their retainer.

Will my son or daughter have to wear a retainer all the time?

In the weeks and months following your child's treatment, we may advise them to wear a retainer as often as possible throughout the day and night. Over time, as the bone density improves around their teeth's new position, we may recommend that they just wear a retainer at night while they sleep.

Invisalign recommends Vivera retainers, which use the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign Teen aligners. By regularly wearing a retainer, your teen can protect their new and improved straight smile for the long-term.

How much does Invisalign Teen treatment cost?

We understand the cost is an important consideration of any orthodontic treatment. It's hard to give a fixed price at this initial stage because the cost of Invisalign Teen is dependent on your son or daughter's individual case and how long their treatment will take.

To give you a general figure, Invisalign Teen prices typically range from £2,500 to £4,500, making them comparable to traditional braces. If only minor tooth movement is required, the cost might be lower.

Can any dentist offer Invisalign Teen?

Special training is needed to use any Invisalign system, including Invisalign Teen. At Refine, our specialists in Orthodontics have been trained to exceptional standards across a wide range of removable, fixed and invisible orthodontic systems.

How can I find out more about Invisalign Teen treatment?

Simply call the practice on 01773 830 560 or email your enquiry using our quick and easy form and a member of our team will contact you to arrange an initial consultation for your teen during which we can discuss their treatment options.

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