Twin blocks and Removable appliances

If you are wearing a twin block or a removable appliance and you are affected by the coronavirus and cannot attend your appointment. We will need to postpone your appointment. Please do not worry and continue wearing your appliance as instructed.

Please do not stop wearing them; you cannot over wear these appliances.

If you have broken or cracked your appliance but it still fits and is safe to wear, please do so until you can attend. If it is broken and you cannot wear the appliance or you have lost the appliance please contact the practice for advice over the phone.


Separators are small blue elastic bands that we place in front & behind your molar teeth.

They create space so they may drop out on their own over time.
To remove these you could use tweezers or a toothpick
Insert either the tweezer or toothpick under the elastic & pull up.
The elastic will just pop out.

Occasionally the gum can bleed when the separators are removed do not let this concern you, you can rinse with warm salty water.

Fixed Braces

Please be extra careful with your fixed appliance to prevent breakages by following the advice you were given when your appliance was fitted.

Avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods and fizzy drinks as these are the main courses of breakages and also be vigilant on your oral health. Dirty braces can lead to tooth decay!

If your brace is broken, but it is not coursing you any problems and you cannot get into see us, it will be ok until you can next attend your next appointment and treatment will continue from that point.

If your brace is broken and hurting and you cannot attend the practice, please use the wax that was in the starter kit and put it around the area that is coursing the problem and contact the practice for advice over the phone.

Please follow the link below for the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) patient information leaflets about orthodontics.

You can also scan the QR codes below to get further information from the BOS.

Patient Information Leaflets from BOS

Please scan the QR codes below to view the patient information leaflets provided by the British Orthodontic Society.