What is orthodontic treatment?

This is the movement of teeth in order to straighten them, improve the appearance, function and sometimes also the bite (occlusion). The treatment involves the use of braces, which may be fixed, removable or sometimes a combination of both.

Fiona is a GDC registered Specialist in Orthodontics. She has years of experience in the provision of orthodontics and achieves exceptional results.

Fiona works alongside two orthodontic therapists within the practice, together they have a clear understanding of what is required to provide the best possible care for orthodontic patients. We believe so highly in the quality of our orthodontic service that even the Managing Director’s children are treated here for orthodontics!

There are a number of orthodontic options that can be used to straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always dreamed of. These options include removable, fixed and invisible braces. We provide the highest standard of orthodontics available thanks to the extensive experience of our skilled clinicians.

If you want straight teeth, there are several options available for you, come and see us for a free consultation today.


Orthodontic OPTIONS

Refine Specialist Dental Care provides orthodontics both on the NHS and by private arrangement. If you are 18 years and under you can be referred for orthodontic treatment by your dentist.  We are very proud of the 7 years we have cared for our North Derbyshire children and there orthodontic needs.

However, we are able to provide alternative options, including clear (invisible) braces, for those patients who are appropriate, and braces using ceramic (white) brackets and wires for patients who request this.


Private Orthodontics

We are also able to provide orthodontics for those patients who fall outside the requirements for NHS orthodontics; this is provided on a private basis.

straumann dental implants

Discreet or ‘invisible’ braces

straumann dental implants

A nearly invisible cosmetic brace

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At Refine, our Specialist Orthodontist works very closely with our three Orthodontic Therapists, who both fit orthodontic braces and will adjust them during the course of treatment, under the prescription and ongoing close supervision of Fiona.

We are very proud that between the three therapists, they have 10 years experience, in order to offer you quality care.

Specialist Orthodontist
Clinical Director
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Direct Access Hygiene

Here at Refine our highly experienced Dental Hygienist can see you without you seeing a Dentist first.

The treatments that they can offer without a prescription are:

  • Simple scale and polish
  • Stain removal
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Plaque, bleeding and periodontal indices
  • Implant hygiene maintenance

A prescription from a Dentist is required for:

  • X-rays
  • Tooth Whitening/Bleaching procedures

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I'm loads more confident, I'm not scared to go and talk to people.

I walk around smiling!
Orthodontic Patient
You don't feel like you're going to the dentist. You come in, have a laugh and I'm getting my teeth done as well!
Adult Orthodontic Patient
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Letisha's experience

Letisha is our Marketing and Private Services Manager. She chose to have orthondontic treatment as she wasn't happy with her top teeth.

letisha's orthodontics treatments

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Angela - adult orthodontics

I feel a lot better about myself, about my mouth and everything now. It's made me a lot more confident because I feel comfortable. I feel able to smile without being a bit nervous of it.
Adult Orthodontic Patient


A great experience, I've never been so happy with my teeth. My teeth are perfectly straight, which has made me 100% more confident, and I feel much better about smiling for photos. Amazing results
Very happy, very high standards. The staff and the service is great. I feel more confident and my teeth look amazing
Miss P
Oh my goodness myself and my daughter are so happy. From start to finish, brilliant. Fiona and Paula were so friendly and just lovely.
Definitely, I am very happy with my teeth. Fiona did a great job. Fantastic. I can't fault it at all and now I have a great smile. You have a fantastic team