Oral Surgery AT REFINE

Refine Specialist Dental Care provides all aspects of minor oral surgery, under Specialist lead care,for patients referred by their General Dental Practitioners or those patients who choose to refer themselves.

Oral surgery includes all conditions affecting the teeth, gums and their supporting bone, which are outside the scope of 'usual' dental.

The oral surgery procedures we provide include:

  1. Extraction of all types of teeth
  2. Extractions of buried or difficult teeth
  3. Extractions of impacted third molar teeth (wisdom teeth)
  4. Exposure of un-erupted teeth, including canines
  5. Apical root surgery (Apicectomy)
  6. Soft tissue surgery inside the mouth

We offer oral surgery under NHS arrangements on referral from General Dental Practitioners. We also provide an independent oral surgery service on referral from General Dental Practitioners or by self-referral from patients.

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Oral Surgery TEAM

Minor Oral Surgery Clinician
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Oral Surgery REFERRALS

We offer oral surgery under NHS arrangements on referral from General Dental Practitioners.

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Oral Surgery FAQs

Do I need to be referred by my General Dental Practitioner?

No, it is possible to refer yourself to Refine Specialist Dental Care at any time. Just give us a call or email us.

What are the costs for Oral Surgery?

As a guide, the charges to patients are as follows: Consultation: 15 minutes = £95.00, including radiographs if necessary.

We have listed some treatment examples below but it should be noted that treatments are charged in time cost:

Can I have sedation to have Oral Surgery carried out?

Yes, we are fully trained and equipped to provide intravenous sedation for patients who are nervous about treatment. Please contact us for further details.


My dentist says he needs to refer me to a specialist dentist for oral surgery. Why is that?

Oral surgery is a dental speciality concerned with various surgical procedures as outlined above. Although some surgical procedures can usually be performed by a General Dental Practitioner - for example, a tooth extraction - your dentist may feel that you need to see a specialist oral surgeon for problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, surgical removal of cysts or bone augmentation prior to implant placement. In addition, Refine Specialist Dental Care has a number of practitioners who are experienced in the use of intravenous sedation.

What is an apicectomy?

An apicectomy is where the root tip of a tooth is surgically exposed and removed. This treatment option may be offered when a conventional root filling has failed as it enables us to treat the root tip directly. Once the root tip has been removed, any associated infection is also cleaned away and often a special root filling is placed into the root canal at the tip. This is called a retrograde root filling.


Absolutely Fantastic! Best dentist I've ever been to! I was terrified! I've always been scared of the dentist but Gurd and Jenny were amazing! Very sympathetic and put me at ease straight away. All staff were kind, caring and compassionate. Relaxing, professional, caring... overall superb
Mr Rehal is relaxed and professional. All the staff put me at ease and the treatment was explained to me as I was having it done.

Very detailed aftercare too. Great staff, clean and friendly. Excellent
Miss P
It was an excellent standard of care that I received. Extremely happy and satisfied. The staff are so welcoming and eased any anxiety straight away. I would 100% recommend Refine to my family and friends. Excellent and totally professional
As pleasing as going to the dentist can be!
If I knew I had to come back for any other work, I wouldn't be in the slightest bit concerned.

The professional friendly service I received was excellent