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So what happens next?

Do you want to wear braces?

Are you happy to travel to Alfreton for your treatment?

What happens at my next appointment?

treatment fee guid

Will I need to have teeth taken out?

How long will treatment take?

What are the benefits of treatment?

Please be aware a parent/legal guardian must be present at the first two appointments for consent purposes. 

No treatment planning will be done without consent from a parent/legal guardian.

At your appliance fit appointment, we recommend you buying a Orthodontic starter kit which we sell at the practice for £12.50.  These kits are very useful and have all the products inside to keep your teeth and brace extra clean.


How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

Active Orthodontic treatment takes approximately 18 months to 2 years to complete depending on the treatment plan and patient co-operation.  This is followed by a period of retention with a passive appliance to hold teeth in their new positions.

What food should I avoid while wearing braces?

Sugar – Foods high in sugar content encourage germs to build up around the appliance leading to tooth decay.  This can result in formation of permanent unsightly marks on the teeth.

Fizzy drinks - Fizzy drinks and fruit juices are acidic and may also cause marks to develop on the teeth.

Hard or sticky foods – These can damage the appliances and bend the wires, which will stop tooth movement.

How often should I brush my teeth while wearing braces?

Brush your teeth after every meal.  If you have a removable appliance this should be removed for cleaning the teeth then replaced straight after.  Using a fluoride mouthwash during treatment will maintain healthy teeth.

Should I be aware of anything else during my treatment?

Orthodontic treatment may cause tooth root shortening.  This usually causes no long-term problems, however if it is severe treatment, it may need to be stopped early.  Very occasionally teeth may become non vital and may require root treatment.  This is most likely to occur where teeth have been previously traumatized or have very large restorations.

How can I ensure my teeth stay in position after treatment?

Retainers are used to hold teeth in their new positions and may be fixed or removable appliances.  Even following a period of retention, some changes may occur.  You will be provided with one set of retainers but you will be charges for replacement/repair if retainers are lost or broken.

How do my orthodontics appointment work?

You will need to attend regularly to have your appliance adjusted.  Your appointments will need to be in school times, i.e. morning or afternoon.  Missed appointments are disruptive to orthodontic treatment.  Good co-operation will result in your treatment being completed in the shortest time.  If you cannot attend let us know as soon as possible so that your appointment can be reallocated.

What if I break my brace?

If your appliance breaks please contact us as soon as possible to have it repaired in order to prevent unwanted tooth movement.

Do I need to visit the dentist after my braces are removed?

You should continue to see your regular dentist for check ups and dental treatment during orthodontic treatment.

What happens if I don't follow the advice given to me by the Orthodontics specialist?

Failure to comply with any aspects of treatment may result in treatment being discontinued prior to completion.

Are there extras I need to know about?

You may be asked to wear additions to your appliances such as elastics or headgear, do ensure that you follow the instructions as prescribed by the orthodontist.


What should I expect when my braces are fitted?

When do I wear them?

  1. These braces are designed to be worn 24 hours a day, day and night, eating and sleeping, unless we instruct you otherwise.

When do I take them out?

Do I need to avoid anything whilst eating?

removable braces at refine dental

What should I do if my brace doesn’t feel right?

What should I do if I damage/lose my brace?


What should I expect when my braces are fitted?

How do I clean them?

Do I need to avoid anything whilst eating?

What should I do if my brace is digging in?

get a custom made mouth guard to fit your braces

Can I play contact sports with my fixed braces?

What should I do if I break my brace?

What happens once the treatment is complete?


  • Keep your teeth and gums extra clean, cleaning them at least twice a day morning and night for two minutes.
  • Use a Fluoride Mouthwash to keep the mouth extra clean.
  • Try and clean your teeth after meal times as best you can, food will get stuck around your brace.

    So to prevent this we advise you to use interdental brushes to clean in between the teeth and brace.
  • Take good care of your braces and all appliances.
  • If you find your brace is broken, contact the practice ASAP.

  • Chew gum, eat hard, sticky or chewy foods such as toffees, caramels, wine gums and hard boiled sweets.
  • Eat raw fruits or vegetables such as carrots and apples, cut them up into fine slices and chew them with your back teeth.
  • Eat hard bagels or crusty bread.
  • Eat popcorn or nuts.
  • Eat pizza crust, this can be a little tough on the brace, cut the crust off and enjoy the middle bit.
  • Bite your nails, suck your thumb, or bite onto any objects such as pens and pencils.

Wearing Elastics

The brace will straighten your upper and lower teeth, however, wearing elastics will correct the way you bite and make your upper and lower teeth fit together correctly. A good bite is important for healthy teeth and jaws and will also maintain the appearance of your orthodontic results once your brace work has finished.

wearing elastics during your orthodontics treatment will help improve your bite


Why do I need to wear retainers?

When do I wear them?

What should I do if my retainer doesn’t feel right?

wearing a retainer will keep your teeth straight

How do I clean them?

What should I do if I damage/lose my retainer?


We offer Orthodontics under NHS arrangements on referral from General Dental Practitioners.

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Discharge Information

I have worn braces and retainers what happens next?

How long do I need to continue wearing retainers?

wearing a retainer will keep your teeth straight

What should I do if I need a new retainer?